This pub was officially opened in 1860 by Innkeeper Mrs Margaret Patterson, the name of the pub at this time is currently unknown.
However, this pub was open for at least ten years prior to officially becoming a licenced house. This would make the Innes Bar one of the oldest bars in Inverness.
The pub was taken over in 1890 by her daughter, Miss Grace Patterson until 1919 when Mr Donald Cumming, a 'spirit dealer', purchased the bar and changed it's name to ‘The Cummings Bar'.
His son took over the pub in 1939 and remained in the pub until 1962 when it was bought by Scottish & Newcastle. Soon after, the name changed once more to ‘Innes Bar’, named after Innes Street, where it stands.
Innes Street was, in turn, named after the architect Mr Innes who helped design & build Innes Street before moving to Canada.